LCD Video Walls Rental

LCD Video Wall Rental

Video Walls are made by Stacking Bunch of Flat Screens on the Top of One Another Content on 4K Video Wall is more impressive than a regular big screen Video Wall is more expensive than a regular big screen like 95 inch 4K Led screen.

NEC X555UNS Videowall

Create and display your dynamic images with uniform brightness and colour rendition. With the ultra slim bezels and exact synchronization across the individual screens amazing results are achieved in high bright conditions and in continuous operation.

Video wall monitor rental Barcelona Spain

Flexible orientation videowall – can be landscape or portrait 

Native UHD Daisy Chaining through DisplayPort 1.2 Multistreaming – enables the user to create UHD videowalls with either a single UHD image or 4 different Full HD sources.

Frame Comp – supports a seamless appearance and shows the content without any interruption, creating one stunning image by synchronising the content across the wall.

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