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IML Connector Polling

IML Connector Polling and Q&A for Live events

Award-winning IML Connector Voting Keypad is simply the best in the industry and the perfect way to stimulate high participation and give your delegates a voice. They offer a perfectly packaged combination of audience response features, allowing you to gather instant and honest feedback, assess knowledge and understanding, enhance learning and canvass opinion from your audience more effectively.


A built-in microphone and sophisticated queuing system guarantees fast paced verbal feedback from the largest of audiences, with no delay or running back and forth with handheld mics.

Real-time weighted voting

As live votes are cast they are counted, added to any proxy votes and the results are available to display instantly.

Managed Q&A

Questions can be submitted in text form through both the app and keypads. These questions can be moderated and published to the chairperson, meeting attendees or both.

IML Connector


IML apps and technology can be tailored to you or your client’s meetings with branded elements such as logos and colors.

Reports and auditing

From registrations and revocations, through to results, a variety of reports and a full audit trail are produced automatically. This provides a complete and transparent record of the meeting.

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Our dedicated IT crew are more than happy to help you with your inquiry and with any questions you may have about our IML Connector Software and voting keypads to provide you with the best option for your event. Contact one of our offices in Barcelona Berlin Munich Frankfurt Monaco Cannes Stockholm Paris Madrid Lisbon Porto Amsterdam today to discuss our turnkey services and fully transparent pricing in detail to see how we can help your event become a great success!

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