DigiLED Mirage MCK7

DigiLED Mirage MCK7 outdoor Led Display

The MCK7 outdoor led is a solid, high contrast LED screen that can be made into any desired screen dimension and is curveable both convex or concave from -15° to +15°. It is designed for indoor or outdoor events with an IP 65 rating and is fanless, therefore extremely quiet to operate and ideal for use in environments such as outdoor events, outdoor gala dinners and sport events.

Technical specifications

Pixel Pitch7.81mm
Pixel curve capablity+/-15°
Pixel per “cabinet”; width64 Pixel
Pixel per “cabinet”; height64 Pixel
Max. Brightness3,300nits
Viewing AngleH: 160° x V: 140°
Panel Dimension(WxHxD)500mmX500mmX10mm
Weight Per Panel10 kg
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