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Host Virtual Conferences

We can take your live conference virtual JS AV Company Group offers various streaming services which include live webcasting, web-based video conferencing and virtual exhibitions space. We enable your virtual conference presenters and audience to connect through web-based live stream platforms hosted by your company or by JS AV Company. Every powerpoint presentation...

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Turningpoint ARS Voting

Turningpoint Audience Response System TurningPoint voting keypads, smartphones, ipads is an easy-to-use live polling system with the option to choose between a desktop or web platform. TurningPoint boasts a native PowerPoint integration and enables polling on-the-fly and the delivery of self-paced assessments. Expand your reach outside the classroom or training...

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IML Connector Polling

IML Connector Polling and Q&A for Live events Award-winning IML Connector Voting Keypad is simply the best in the industry and the perfect way to stimulate high participation and give your delegates a voice. They offer a perfectly packaged combination of audience response features, allowing you to gather instant and honest feedback, assess knowledge and...

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Q&A and Polling Smartphones

Q&A and Polling Platform for Live events Live pollsBrainstorming Event analytics Audience Questions & Answers With the live polling & question system you dont need a voting keypads only a smartphone. You don’t have to get your audience to download anything only to brows to the event link and fill in the eventcode and directly they can start asking...

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