5.77mm ROE CB5 LED

ROE CB5 LED Panels 5.77mm Carbon

Carbon Roe CB5 Led panels are the first line incorporating the lightweight carbon fiber technology. They strike the perfect balance of stability and weight, while preserving the easy setup and maintenance of all ROE product to save on time and labor costs, perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

With a pixel pitch of 5.769 MM and brightness level of 4,500-6000 NITS, this ultra lightweight panel is a quality solution to add to your next indoor or outdoor event.

Technical specifications

Pixel Pitch5.75mm
Pixel Density30,044 LED’s/m2
Pixel per “cabinet”; width104 Pixel
Pixel per “cabinet”; height208 Pixel
Max. Brightness4,500nits
Viewing Angle140°
Panel Dimension(WxHxD)600mmX1200mmX77mm
Weight Per Panel13.2 kg

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