1.8mm Infiled s1.8 LE

1.8mm LED cabinet Infiled

The INFiLED s1.8 LE led cabinet with a 1.8mm pixel pitch,offers a very good picture quality, which is favoured by a high contrast ratio, made possible thanks to its Blackpackage technology, and new processing.

Technical specifications

Pixel densitiy per m² 302311 Pixel
Pixel per “cabinet”; width 256 Pixel
Pixel per “cabinet”; height 256 Pixel
Viewing angle

Viewing angle +-value; horizontal 70,00 °
Viewing angle +-value; vertical 70,00 °
Viewing angle –value; horizontal 70,00 °
Viewing angle –value; vertical 70,00 °

max. installation height foot build-up (m) 5,59 m
max. installation height truss build-up (m) 7,45 m
Power consumption

max. power consumption per m² 849 W
max. power consumption per “cabinet” 184 W
Average power consumption per m² 281 W
Average power consumption per “cabinet” 61 W

Dimension “cabinet”; width 465,60 mm
Dimension “cabinet”; height 465,60 mm
Dimension “cabinet”; depth 78,00 mm
Weight per m² 46,60 kg
Weight per “cabinet” 10,10 kg

Besides our 1.8mm LED cabinet Infiled , JS AV rental company stock Roe Diamond 2.6mm LED, 2.8mm ROE Black Pearl Led, Absen M2.9 Pro, 2.9mm, Absen A3 Pro 3.9mm pixel pitch LED display

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